Пискели реалност

  • 2001
  • paintings series
  • oil/canvas
  • dimensions variable
  • EA + AP

The paintings are based on images taken from video or film.

The axes of refference are the inter-relations between the moving image, the freeze-frame and the painting.

The production is a process of transfer from video->still->painting canvas.

In this process, the tension, making the artwork happen is the transformation of the element “Time” in different media. The “Time” in a film is a river and we perceive the story/piece of reality shown in a condensed, but linear way. A Still also contains “TIME”- a concentrated moment. But “PAST” and “FUTURE” tenses are also included in the black frame, which is both outside the image area, and belongs to it. A different “TIME” is contained in this “MOMENT” transferred onto a canvas with the classical means of oil color. This is for me a kind of freezing/torpor, which as an archaeological object contains multitudes of cultural and semantic findings.