Нов световен ред Семеен албум

Има неща, които знаем, че знаем. Има неща, които знаем, че не знаем. Има неща, които не знаем, че не знаем. Има неща, които не знаем, че знаем.

април/май 2020, компютърно генерирано видео, 1 мин., лууп, 4К, без звук,
EA 5 + 2 AP

#Stayhome was a mantra repeated for three months from March 13th to May 13th in Europe and large parts of the world. Home became the new Noah's arc: the only survived fortress of security, confidence and life. The world-engulfing flood was broadcasted live in miriad of channels. The horizon was sealed. The piece is photogrammetric 3D model of my home. It is a world map in the state of Lockdown.

Красимир Терзиев: Нов световен ред, 16 — 27 юни 2020, галерия Структура, куратор Мария Василева

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