(Self) Tracking Shot

  • Year 2022
  • city Sofia
  • Publisher Structura Gallery
  • ISBN 978-619-91962-2-9
  • Format 27/21 cm, 132 pages, paperback
  • Contributors

    Conception: Maria Vassileva, Krassimir Terziev

    Authors: Maria Vassileva, Krassimir Terziev

    Design: Kalina Dimitrova

    Translation: Lyubov Kostova

    Photo credits: Anton Bakarsky, Kalina Dimitrova

    Preprint: iSpace media

    Print: Multiprint

    Font: Alegreya by Juan Pablo del Peral for Huenta Typografica

    Cover image: still from A Walk in the Gallery, 2022, computer generated video from a photogrammetric model

    The catalogue has been published with the support the Singer-Zahariev Foundation

Future Unforgettable

  • Year 2019
  • city Istanbul
  • Publisher Versus Art Projects
  • Format 22/18 cm, 56 pages, hardcover
  • Contributors

    Text: Firat Arapoglu, Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva

    Translated by Tuana Pulak

    Font: Fire Sans

    Image on cover: Family, 2013, Pigment print on paper mounted on dibond, 90 x 135 cm (fragment).

    Published on the occasion of the solo exhibition titled Future Unforgettable by Krassimir Terziev, hosted by Versus Art Project, Istanbul, between 07.03 — 13.04.2019.

    All rights reserved.

    With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Turkey, Ankara.

    Special thanks to mr. Gaudennz B. Ruf.

Peripheral Light Air and Sun

  • Year 2017
  • city Sofia
  • Publisher Goethe-Institut Bulgarien
  • Format 80 pp, 12/17 cm, paperback
  • Contributors

    Photographs: Daniel Kötter, Krassimir Terziev

    Drawings: Krassimir Terziev

    Text: Daniel Kötter, Krassimir Terziev

    Proof reading: Lyubov Kostova

    Print: Accent 96, Sofia, 2017

Between the Past That is About to Happen and the Future That has Already Been

  • Year 2015
  • city Sofia
  • Publisher East-West Publishing
  • ISBN ISBN 978-619-152-726-7
  • Format 136 pages, hard cover, english/bulgarian
  • Contributors

    Authors: Iara Boubnova, Vladiya Mihaylova, Krassimir Terziev
    Translation Lyubov Kostova 


  • Year 2012
  • city Sofia
  • Publisher East-West / ICA-Sofia
  • ISBN ISBN 9786191521319
  • Format Soft cover, 192 pp, 16.5/23 cm
  • Contributors

    Editors: Diana Popova, Kiril Prashkov

    English translation: Lyubov Kostova

    Graphic design: i.Space Media

    Image on the cover: Hermann Zschiegner, Untitled (Seascape VII), 2011, printed with the permission by the author.

    The book contains reproduced artworks by Hans Bernhardt and lizvlx (Ubermorgen), Pravdoliub Ivanov, Daniela Kostova, Guthrie Lonergan, Michael Mandiberg, Eva and Franco Mates (, Ivan Mudov, John Rafman, Kalin Serapionov, Herman Zhiegner.

Extra Work: Taking the Figure of the Extra in Cinema as a Metaphor

  • Year 2008
  • city Stuttgart
  • Publisher merz&solitude
  • ISBN 978-3-937158-35-8
  • Format paperback, 21 x 23,5 cm, 86 pages, English/Bulgarian
  • Contributors

    Edited by Jean-Baptiste Joly. Authors: Iara Boubnova, Ivaylo Ditchev, Jean-Baptiste Joly, Alexander Kiossev, Hedwig Saxenburger.

    Available online at, or from Akademie Solitude, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Gaze for the Pale City

  • Year 2004
  • city Sofia
  • Publisher Revolver
  • ISBN 3-86588-028-2
  • Format 23x16.5 cm, pp 104
  • Contributors

    Introduction by Iara Boubnova. Essays by Alexander Kiossev, Dianna Popova, Luchezar Bojadjiev.

Works 1996-1998

  • Year 1997
  • city Sofia
  • Publisher Soros Centre for the Arts - Sofia
  • Format 30x21 cm, soft cover, 16 pages
  • Contributors

    Introduction by Svilen Stefanov

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