Future Unforgettable

Curated by Firat Arapoglu

(from the Press Release of the exhibition)

Versus Art Project is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Bulgarian artist Krassimir Terziev in Turkey, titled Future Unforgettable curated by Fırat Arapoğlu between March 7 to April 13.

Within the ‘image era’ that we currently live in, where there are numerous forms of expression in reflecting the interaction between art, technology and media, Future Unforgettable suggests new narratives through its documentary, visual and cinematic language. Krassimir Terziev, while sharing with the audience the temporal window from the moment man first set foot on moon, to the current ‘Journey to Mars’ observed through his own lenses, he also asks the following: Did we really move passed this era? Is space far enough to let us fill it with all the technologic garbage generated on the planet, or so close that we can collect thousands of visual and sound data from the surface of Mars through our every day mobile devices? and In a scenario where there is no day or night, past or present, is there room for concepts such as authoritarian perspective, stereotyped societal structures, humanity, nation and culture?

Krassimir Terziev, who immerses himself into in depth research in his practice, aims to reflect the contradictions within the attempts of forming a civilized form of ‘space’ in his exhibition. That was both an artistic strategy, and a subject of study for the artist since 2008. Space debris, technologies, astronaut gear and and icons are a few of the main motifs Terziev uses throughout his array of work which focuses on the philosophical clash between human and machine.

As one of the first artists in Bulgaria to shift their focus from classic media to the digital in the 1990s, Krassimir Terziev has developed his own analysis of the visual medium seeing it as at once an instrument, object and goal for the artwork. Through utilizing mediums of video/film, photography, painting/drawing all together, the artist presents a new temporary reality through a translucent relationship between time and space. Terziev, invites the viewer on a journey through utopias and paradigms of the ‘invisible’ but ‘imaginable’, reminding us once again of the grand wish of the humankind to settle life in outer space. Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva states the following on the matter:

And in fact, if we are to accept the art of Krassimir Terziev as a journey, it’s a journey that moves at its own temporal pace. At each moment of the journey the question is raised about the depleting – or already depleted – possibilities for a future. This is a journey that certainly does not end with the shutting off of the monitors; there’s also nothing superhuman there in Kubrick terms. A journey that always ends with the return to the artist’s grounding I, -- forwards to the present and back to everything that was once a future.

Having exhibited in various institutions, galleries and biennials in Turkey such as; SALT, Antrepo İstanbul, BILSART, 3rd Mardian Biennial, 6th Çanakkale Biennial, Gaia Gallery and Evin Art Gallery, the work of Krassimir Terziev has also been included in group exhibition worldwide including London TATE Modern, Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art (MuHKA), Budapest Kunsthalle Mucsarnok, Berlin Akademie der Kunste, Sofia Institute of Contemporary Art, The National Gallery, Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum and Ljubljana Moderna Galerija. One of the leading names in the Bulgarian contemporary art arena, the work of Krassimir Terziev is included in the private collections of significant museums and institution such as Paris Centre Pompidou, Arteast 2000+, Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Sofia City Art Gallery and Kunstsammlung Hypovereinsbank.

For further inquiries, please contact: Tuana Pulak - Assistant Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kuloğlu Mahallesi Gazeteci Erol Dernek Sokak No.11/3 Beyoğlu İstanbul www.versusartproject.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0212 258 14 14

Disscussion organised by Versus Art Project on the ocasion of the exhibition with Berral Madra, Firat Arapoglu, Sinan Eren Erk, 27.03.2019, 18:30 courtesy Versus Art Project

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Future Unforgettable

2019, Versus Art Projects,
Format: 22/18 cm, 56 pages, hardcover

Text: Firat Arapoglu, Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva

Translated by Tuana Pulak

Font: Fire Sans

Image on cover: Family, 2013, Pigment print on paper mounted on dibond, 90 x 135 cm (fragment).

Published on the occasion of the solo exhibition titled Future Unforgettable by Krassimir Terziev, hosted by Versus Art Project, Istanbul, between 07.03 — 13.04.2019.

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With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Turkey, Ankara.

Special thanks to mr. Gaudennz B. Ruf.

Future Unforgettable