A Place (Playground)

2004, video, photographs, 12 min, DV PAL, 4:3, color, sound, inkjet print on paper mounted on aluminium, 120/160 cm each
EA 4 + 1AP
Collection Hilger Contemporary, Vienna
preview video mp4, h264, PAL, 4:3

The Northern Park, Sofia.

A leisure park in the periphery of the city in a working-class neighbourhood. The unique spatial composition is the result of urban planning and the mode of thinking of the social engineer from the Communist state era. It  is a bizarre concoction of romantically artificial (planned) hillocks and military strategies. The hillocks are well-organised and cut across by canals and ponds which are linked by nostalgic curved footbridges. The highlight of the architectural ensemble are the prop-like tanks, rockets, military airplanes and canons which are arranged as on a battle field. All these items are made of modules manufactured from the same material: metal tubes painted in basic colours – yellow, red and blue. These are “devices for children’s play“ – one of the fancy remnants of ideological urban planning, which is still present in the daily life of the city dwellers in this part of Sofia.