Library Paranoia

  • 1997
  • singe channel video
  • v1: 6:30 min, v2: 33 min, Beta SP, PAL, Color, Stereo
  • EA + AP
An ordinary visitor in a library (the author) paying a regular visit suddenly finds himself the main character and victim in a lethal action drama. Amidst unceasing gun-shots, screams, crashing vehicles etc. (the sound is a remix from popular action movies), he wanders among the bookshelves, trying to understand, to find his way out, to survive.


excerpt, 2:60 min


25 years and 5 themes later. ICA – Sofia Retrospective, Sep 29 - Nov 29, 2020, National Gallery/ The Palace, Sofia

Atlantis I. Hidden Histories – New Identities. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, 2009; curator: Emil Mirazchiev, co-curator: Jakob Racek

Translocation: Media Art from South Eastern Europe, Generali Foundation, Viena, 1998, Curator Iara Boubnova

Video Positive ‘97 - Virtual revolutions, Liverpool, 1997