Post-Urban Landscapes

  • 2003
  • photo montages series
  • Durst Theta print on paper
  • 150x20 cm each
  • ЕА 6 + AP
  • Collections Hilger Contemporary, Vienna; Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia
A series of photomontages featuring mutant creatures (heirs of the street dogs) as the only element that unites all the areas and diverse spaces in the city.

The photomontages are 360-degree photographic panoramas from the city centre (the park in front of the National palace of culture) and the city suburbs (housing estates Tolstoy and Druzhba) or of a collage of tourist landmarks, all inhabited by gigantic dogs (their height ranges from around 6 feet to the height of a building of 10-15 storeys). These inhabitants are signs of the revenge of nature (the irrational) on culture (reason), and they awake all the fears generated by the feeling of guilt about the forgotten equilibrium, by the egocentrism and comfort of consumerist existence. The stray dogs are a phenomenon that has taken on hysterical associations in the urban subconscious that have lead to the fabrication of generations of horror films that come true in predictions about disasters or invasions by “the others”.

Images in the image-gallery: top-to-bottom; left-to-right:

National Palace of Culture; Sofia for Tourists, Suburbia I; Suburbia II, 150/20 cm. each. lambda print mounted on aluminum.