Monument to the Time Elapsed

2013, engraving on laptop screen, defunct notebook, engraving on LCD screen, 30/33/27 cm
private collection, Plovdiv

While using the classical means of art such as drawing and watercolor, collage, documentary photography, the object and others, Krassimir Terziev is building up a specific distance between what we known and the gaze we use; that gaze which is inclined to interpret and "re-compose" depending on its ability and knowledge as well as on its tactical needs. One of the objects in the show has the title "Clean Sheet" (2013) and it offers the viewer to reexamine the territory of... Bulgaria. Another one "Monument to Times Past" (2013) is a (self)-portrait of a fanatic "user". The "Map of Routes between the Worlds" (2010) and "The Markets are..." (2013) function as a proof that there is no geography but only political economy. Our illusions, the ones we love and those we don't are dealt with in the show while stimulating questions about our visual orientation in the world.

excerpt from the press text for the exhibition Krassimir Terziev: Cosmopolis, ICA-Sofia Gallery, 2013; curator Iara Boubnova