Let's Dance/ Clothes for Collective Life

1996, installation, eight white shirts (modified), plastic circular support construction, fishing cord, height approx. 210 cm, diameter 260 cm
EA 3 + 1AP
Art Collection Telekom
Let's Dance modifies a technique from the craft of cloths design. Eight white shirts are sewed with one sleeve serving two adjacent shirts, leaving no individual space for movement outside of the circular group. The composition references the traditional Bulgarian folklore dance "Horo".
"Like in many other countries there is also in Bulgaria a tradional folklore dance, in which the dancers intervene and act as one common dance body in a circle. The altered shirts tailored together in a connected circle are a perfect dress for this body and are at the same time reminiscent of a straitjacket used to calm people down while limiting their free movement. As such the communal garment can stand as a metapher for the dystopic reality of the socialist past and communist dictatorship in the country."
- from the website of Art Collection Telekom

Shirst teiloring: Atanaska Dimitrova

Special thanks to Kalina Dimitrova