Apollo Melanist Programme

  • 2018
  • photomontage
  • pigment print on paper mounted on dibond
  • 70/171 cm
  • EA 6 + 1AP
  • private collection Sofia

Part of the series Cosmopolis

My initial interest in the iconography of the cosmos comes from my experience as an Online user of the shift from human perspective (eye level) to the satellite view into the distance of the stratosphere, the scarcity of oxygen (the immateriality of the On- line experience), the absence of hard soil beneath one’s feet (real virtuality) etc.

I need to acknowledge this experience with the inherited spatial attitudes often taken for granted. The parallel augmented reality we reside in, enabled by image processing technologies transform us into some sort of amateur cosmonauts. I am interested in that paradoxical state in which everything in this world seems intimately close, at arms-length, at a single screen click away, and yet out of reach, cosmically distant. Looking into space is like looking into the future and the past at the same time. It holds the image of overcoming the very boundaries of the known, of expansion, of conquering new worlds, unraveling the mysteries and rationally understanding the universe – its dimensions are utopian.


Krassimir Terziev. Future Unforgettable, Mar 7 — Apr 13, 2019, Versus Art Project, Istanbul; curated by Firat Arapoglu

New Worlds: Art between Museum and Laboratory, June 24 — Oct 3, 2018, Museum Villa Rot, Orsenhausen, DE; curated by Marco Hompes

Krassimir Terziev. Images Staring at Images, April 5  — May 28, 2018, Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv; curated by Svetlana Koyumdjieva

The Image is no Longer Available, May 4 — May 28, 2017, Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia; curated by Vessela Nojarova