A Walk in the Neighbourhoods I and II

  • 2007/08
  • two channel slideshow
  • 80 slides in each channel
  • EA 5 + 1AP

The narrative of the A Walk in the Neighbourhoods is composed on the basis of a collection of images (3D models) taken from properties-development companies and real-estate agents presentations. The projects are part of a rapid boom in properties-development that Bulgaria witnessed in the last years.

The images reveal a certain aesthetic vision for the ideal home, the home you want to posses. Composed in a sequence, these images reveal a solid taste and understanding, that are shared in what a modern home should look like nowadays, what kind of services, pleasures and comfort it should provide, and what way of life is considered a “happy life”. Special interest in the images are the human bodies drawn into the architectural ensembles and the type of activities they perform in the surroundings.

A Walk in the New Neighbourhoods offers a meditation on our understanding of “home” as we used to think of it, and it's current transformations in a climate of fetish oriented economy of commodities, globalization and free market.


preview, 720x405 px, h.264, MP4 file