6th Canakkale Biennial "Before the Past – After the Future"

Sep 29 Nov 11 2018
Opening: Sep 29
Curated by CABININ / Videoist

New Worlds: Art between Museum and Laboratory

24 June 3 October 2018
Opening: 24 June
Curated by Marco Hompes

Jelko Terziev / Krassimir Terziev: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Jun 21 Jul 21 2018
Opening: Jun 21, 7 pm

Join the Dots - Connect the Distances. Imago Mundi collection

29 May 2 September 2018
Opening: 29 May, 6pm
Curated by Claudio Scorretti

Krassimir Terziev. Images Staring at Images

5 April 28 May 2018
Opening: 5 April, 6:30 pm
Curated by Svetlana Koyumdjieva

Advanced Academia Fellowship

1 March 30 July 2018

Forms or Coexistance

Dec 19, 2017 Jan 20, 2018
Opening: Dec 19, 19h
Curated by Maria Vassileva

Let Them Draw II (Drawing and Withdrawing)

Nov 3 Dec 24, 2017
Opening: Nov 3, 18h
Curated by Pravdoliub Ivanov

34th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival

COM nu TIES seuils/drempels/thresholds

Sep 24 Dec 24, 2017
Opening: Sep 23, 18:00-21:00
Curated by Ive Stevenheydens & Maïté Vissault

A Theory of The Present

May 15 Jun 15, 2017
Opening: May 15, 18h
Curated by Irina Batkova

The Image is no Longer Available

May 4 May 28, 2017
Opening: May 4, 18 h
Curated by Vessela Nojarova

Diana Popova. Images of Urban Peripheries

interview in Kultura Weekly (only in Bulgarian)

Feb 24 2017

review by Vera Mlechevska in Kultura Weekly of our two joint exhibitions with Daniel Kötter

Feb 24 2017

Krassimir Terziev & Daniel Kötter. Peripheral Light Air and Sun

Feb 24 Mar 11
Opening: Feb 24, 18:30

Krassimir Terziev / Daniel Kötter. Ghost Descending a Staircase

Jan 13 Feb 11, 2017
Opening: Friday, Jan 13, 6pm
Curated by Iara Boubnova

Fourth Annual Exhibition

Dec 18 2016 Jan 18 2017
Opening: Dec 18, 18:00
Curated by Billiana Rubinova, Vassil Daskalov
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