Let's Dance. Clothes for Collective Life (1996) became part of the Art Collection Telekom


Thank You Mr. Ruf. Exhibition in honor of Swiss collector and philanthropist Gaudenz B. Ruf.

Oct 25 Nov 24, 2019
Opening: Oct 25, 6pm
Curated by Vessela Nojarova


Oct 19 Nov 7, 2019
Curated by Firat Arapoglu

Transitional Newspaper. Issue 6: Metropolitan

Oct 8 Nov 30, 2019
Opening: Oct 8, 6pm
Curated by Vladiya Michaylova

Open Art Files: Notes and footnotes

Aug 16 Sep 30, 2019
Opening: Aug 16, 7pm
Curated by Vera Mlechevska; video programme curated by Krassimir Terziev and Vera Mlechevska

The Good of the Time

Jul 20 Aug 10, 2019
Opening: Jul 20, 4-8pm
Curated by Anastasya Skvortsova

Objectively (in)correct

Jul 15 Jul 30, 2019
Opening: Jul 15, 6pm
Curated by Martina Stefanova

Krassimir Terziev. Drift

May 13 May 31, 2019
Opening: May 13, 7pm
Curated by Kiril Vassilev

Image De-formations in Computational Photography. Advanced Academia Public Lecture

Listen to Us – Artistic Intelligence (Works from Art Collection Telekom)

Apr 4 Jun 30, 2019
Opening: Apr 4, 18 h
Curated by Nathalie Hoyos and Rainald Schumacher. Coordinator is Dimitrina Petrova

KrassimirTerziev. Future Unforgettable

Mar 7 Apr 13, 2019
Opening: Mar 7, 1PM preview, 6PM
Curated by Firat Arapoglu

Infinity and the Image

Dec 4 Dec 24, 2018
Opening: Dec 4, 6pm
Curated by Osman Nuri İyem and Firat Arapoglu

Spider's Web

Nov 14 Dec 7
Opening: Nov 13, 4PM
Curated by Firat Arapoglu

The Contradictory Economy between Images and Media

"Feel Like I’ve Been Here Before" Screening Programme

Oct 1 6 2018
Opening: conversation Arapoglu/Terziev - Oct 2, 6PM
Curated by Fırat Arapoğlu

6th Canakkale Biennial "Before the Past – After the Future"

Sep 29 Nov 11 2018
Opening: Sep 29
Curated by CABININ / Videoist

New Worlds: Art between Museum and Laboratory

24 June 3 October 2018
Opening: 24 June
Curated by Marco Hompes

Jelko Terziev / Krassimir Terziev: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Jun 21 Jul 21 2018
Opening: Jun 21, 7 pm
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