The exhibition "New World Order" on Bulgarian National TV live from Structura Gallery

Krassimir Terziev. New World Order #Exhibition-In-The-Exhibition "State of Normality"

Jun 16 27 2020
Opening: Jun 16, 2 - 7 PM
Curated by: Maria Vassileva


Jun 12 28, 2020
Opening: Friday, June 12th, 17.00 (CEST)
Curated by: Dirk Paesmans and Bob Bicknell-Knight
Artists: Madeleine Andersson, Michael Berto, David Blair, Nancy Buchanan, Heath Bunting, Green Cube, Inari, Peter Luining, Conall McAteer, Viktor Timofeev & Jaakko Pallasvuo, Everest Pipkin, Niko Princen, Kristina Pulejkova, Guido Segni, Petra Szemán, Krassimir Terziev, Puck Verkade & Thomas van Linge

The world has not stopped spinning

Jun 18 Jul 31 2020
Curated by: Stefka Tsaneva
Artists: Iskra Blagoeva & Stela Vasileva, Ketty Marinova & Stefan Prohorov, Krassimir Terziev, Milena Georgieva, Ottjörg A.C., Pravdoliub Ivanov

State of Normality

May 14 Jun 2020
Curated by: Maria Vassileva
Artists: Bistra Lechevalier, Vassil Simittchiev, Evgeni Batoev, Ivaylo Stoyanov, Ivo Bistrichki, Kalin Serapionov, Kalina Terzieva, Kamen Startchev, Kiril Prashkov, Krassimir Terziev, Okay Özkan, Rositsa Stanisheva, Rudi Ninov, Simeon Simeonov, Stanimir Genov, Yuliy Takov

Krassimir Terziev: Top 84 Ways of Going Greener at Home

May 15 Jul 10, 2020
Opening: May 15, 20 pm (zoom meeting)
Curated by: Albena Baeva, Rene Beekman

Ways of World Making: conversation with Maria Vassileva

April 13 2020


Apr 7 2020 ongoing
Opening: online project
Curated by: Irina Batkova

Krassimir Terziev in „Tommorow's Pavilion“ 2: conversation with Vessela Nojarova (in bulgarian only)

April 6 2020

Physical Poetics 4. Micro Gravities

Opening: feb 19, 2020, 7pm
Curated by: Alexander Schellow, Elke de Rijcke
Artists: Hugo Bonnet-Massip, Olfa Lopez, Thomas Olbrechts, Krassimir Terziev, Thomas Voigtmann

Parallax Views: Artist Perspective on Space Exploration and Research

Opening: Jan 14, 2020, 16 - 18 pm
Curated by: Thomas Voigtmann, Olfa Lopez

Image De-formations in Computational Photography

Documenta: Therapeutic Ideas

Dec 28, 2019

Launch of the catalogue for the exhibition "Open Art Files: Notes and footnotes"

Dec 21, 2019
Opening: 4pm
Curated by: Vera Mlechevska; video programme curated by Krassimir Terziev and Vera Mlechevska; Organized by Open Arts Foundation

Let's Dance. Clothes for Collective Life (1996) became part of the Art Collection Telekom


Thank You Mr. Ruf. Exhibition in honor of Swiss collector and philanthropist Gaudenz B. Ruf.

Oct 25 Nov 24, 2019
Opening: Oct 25, 6pm
Curated by: Vessela Nojarova


Oct 19 Nov 7, 2019
Curated by: Firat Arapoglu

Transitional Newspaper. Issue 6: Metropolitan

Oct 8 Nov 30, 2019
Opening: Oct 8, 6pm
Curated by: Vladiya Michaylova
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