Както водата, газта и електричеството идват отдалеч...

  • 2011
  • серия от фотографии
  • архивен пигментен печат в.у 310 г. хартия, каширани на алуминий
  • 6 х 90/135 см. всяка
  • EA + AP


The title is a quotation of a fragment from Paul Valery1 cited by Walter Benjamin in the known "Work of Art..."2. The complete phrase follows.
"Just as water, gas, and electricity are brought into our houses from far off to satisfy our needs in response to a minimal effort, so we shall be supplied with visual or auditory images, which will appear and disappear at a simple movement of the hand, hardly more than a sign."

1. Paul Valéry, Pièces sur L’Art, 1931
2. Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, 1936.