Между Flashback и Déjà-vu III

  • 2018
  • видео
  • 9 мин, Full HD, 1080P, PAL, 16:9, цветен, звук
  • EA 5 + 1AP

Four cameras (directed east, west, north, south) mounted on a tripod are located on the windows and the terraces on different floors of a building (a water tower). Each one offers a view in a static wide shot revealing the surrounding cityscape from a distance.
A fifth camera is mounted on a drone that goes off ground level and begins to search for the location of the other cameras by taking a close look at the facade of the building.

Inpostproduction, the views of the four static cameras are interrupted by the dynamic view of the drone, so that the disorientation of the perception brought about by the change of point of view to an otherwise sensibly close environment, the expectation of something happening, and the strain of postponing a certain resolution are held almost to the end of the piece duration.